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Video Poker Bonuses

Different models

Video poker machines come in three kinds with reference to their structure and physical appearance. However, they have one thing in common, which is that they all resemble tiny televisions fitted in stylish metal containers. The upright model is the most popular one and is 24 inches broad and a depth of 48 inches.

There are placed on a two feet high stage which will require one to make use of a stool in order to play. This is similar to fitting ahead of a thirteen inch television in ones kitchen. The other model of the video poker machine is the slant top. It comes in broader and deeper dimensions as compared to the stand-ups. With this model one can relax in a chair and place their elbows on the face of the device.

One is then required to glance down at the screen. The third model is the bar-top which is in built on the top side. One is required to sit on a high stool and glance down at the top part of the bar. All the three models have similar features which are described below.

Common Features

  1. The three models have screens. These screens could either be a TV or a computer monitor and are used to illustrate the cards and authenticate your game plan.
  2. The three models have a handy slot which is located on the right side and is used for placing ones coins.
  3. On the face of the machine a pay structure will be displayed.
  4. The three models all come with press buttons under the screen with the outer most located on the left.

Once you are tired of playing press the cash out button in case you have some pending amounts in the slot. Available is the Bet One credit button which ideally goes with its title though one is open to betting continuously. The press buttons are made of plastic and have special lights that make them more visible. On the right hand view and adjacent to the Bet One credit button are five additional keys that are used to implement ones strategies.

The five buttons relate with the cards that illuminate light on the display monitor above. To retain the Ace of Diamond that is currently on the screen simply press the hold/ discard key. Otherwise, simply disregard the key and that way the Hold key is better understood. The discard button is used when realizes that they have made a mistake and want to rectify. It involves discarding the card you had held prior and replacing it with another card of choice. Hold and Discard are actually on and the same key. One can hold or discard depending on what they intend to do. The final two keys are located on the right.

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