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Online Casino Bonuses

Read the questions gamblers frequently ask about casino bonuses and find the answers in order to know more:

  • What are casino bonuses?

    Most of the bonuses are cashable in online casinos. But still, there are about 10% of them are non-cashable. It means that one does not receive the bonus after bonus requirement completing. The optimal strategy should be used early when playing with such bonuses. And also one should come up to a big stack for getting the bonus. At first sight it seems unprofitable, but non-cashable bonuses can be lucrative either and one can win online casino.

  • Are casino bonuses risky?

    Most online casinos are really reputable and trustworthy. But of course there some rogues. To prevent such negative cases one should play in big online casinos or to read attentively all the conditions of the bonus.

  • What game to choose for playing online casino bonus?

    It is recommended to choose Blackjack game for casino bonuses. Online Blackjack has the house edge of only a 0.49%; and other games have 3% of the house edge.

  • What are the bets should be?

    According to the above-mentioned tip to play Blackjack for casino bonuses, players should wager 1/20th of the stack per hand. This is what most Blackjack pros suggest. It is also possible to play multiple hands.

  • Is it important to follow some Blackjack strategy?

    Actually, this issue is rather questionable. Every player should decide for him/ herself what strategy to use, or not to use at all.

  • Is it possible to cash out the deposit without reaching the wagering requirement?

    Approximately half of all casinos on the web allow their players to withdraw their deposits without completing the requirement.

  • Is it necessary to deposit the money for online casino bonuses?

    Most online casinos don't require their players to deposit for bonuses. There are also No Deposit online casinos. But there is one catch here - one can withdraw the winning only after he/ she makes a deposit.

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