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Casino Jurisdiction

The origin of Malta as an online gambling licensing site dates back to the year of 2000 in which it was incorporated under the umbrella of the Public Lotto Ordinance. From then onwards the Lotteries and Gaming Authority has moved on from here and come with rules and regulations to regulate gambling operations.

The Remote Gambling Regulations were reinvigorated in April 2004 to offer four categories of remote gambling licenses. The first category is for users who are on web casino games, probability games, and also accommodates games that use arbitrary digit system. The second category of gaming license envelops web sports and betting users. The third category deals with promoters and commercial advertising companies that work with Malta. The forth category licenses are for companies that broker the typical gaming concepts. All licenses are provided for with a five year time frame.

Every license holder must part with the original licensing cost of MTL 1000. Attached to this cost are other hidden and consistent regular costs. The tax attached to gaming is 0.5% of the total proceeds.

Malta: highly rated

The penultimate Malta Remote Gaming Council was initialized after elections that took place in the March 2005. The council comprises of all operators and service provider in the gaming industry. MRGC initiated a web forum with the intentions of letting all service providers and all operators a chance to chat on the technical, lawful and management topics.

Malta can pride of its compliance to the strict gaming rules and requirements and this remains evident as they are top rated in the United Kingdom. This has resulted in a steady increase in the number of Malta licenses issued.

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