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Even if the operator if the website shall pursue its objectives of delivering updated information, there are conditions that are out of the control of the website. Because of this, an onus was made for the user of the site. They are urged to take responsibility and caution in any service, offer or product that is advertised on the website. The information that appears on the website is considered as is so there are no guarantees or warranties.

As the user of the site, you must agree that all the information and materials that are provided in this website are provided as is and it means that any kind of products and services and information. If the information or the material that was provided by the company was proven to be defective or damaging, you are liable and responsible for the full cost of repairs. The operator of this site shall not be deemed liable in any form of incidental, consequential, and special damages and malfunction. These conditions govern the use of this website and only those who agree to these conditions can access and use the contents and other information included in the website.

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