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Comp Points

Comps are readily available both in the online and offline gambling halls. The rewards of engaging in comp games are comp points which can be traded in for liquid money, gifts or even more comps. The monetary reward per bet is dependant on the particular game chosen, though the notably tiny.

Gambling halls have diverse sets of rewards which may vary from three comp points for each ten dollar bet on slots to a single comp point per ten dollar bet on black jack. Other gambling halls might offer one dollar for one hundred comp points. This is equal to reimbursing 0.3% of bets on the slots and also 0.1% of bets on the blackjack game. The online gambling halls may go further to issue out the comps as a fee way to accessing the competitions that are available online, entry to other functions, extra rewards and special memorable gifts.

Comps: incentives

With reference to gambling halls, the comps can be described as additional incentives that are offered by the gambling halls to entice players. The quantity of comps issued out will vary depending on what is at stake, the amount involved and the duration of time in which the players involved will consume.

The majority of gambling halls have got people assigned to dish out free rewards and communicate with the players to ensure that they return. The casinos also have Pit bosses who are allowed to offer comps at the table competitions. It has become necessary and sufficient for a player to possess a players club or an equivalent card. By so doing, their participation can be easily monitored and rewarded accordingly.

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