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Casino Certification

The origin of Certified Fair Gambling dates back to the year of 2003. Since its inception the company has risen to become among the leading in the trade of online gambling halls and card games room accreditation. CFG is well accredited therefore ensuring the highest standards of practice in the industry. This raises a lot of confidence among the players. Fair play is emphasized courtesy of the CFG. The online gambling halls that have been issued with the CFG certificate under go monthly audits and verification procedures ton reassure the players of high quality casino services.

Their role

The company undertakes thorough vetting and account management procedures on a regular and consistent 30 day period and re evaluates the frequency of play of all the games available. This is done to achieve the following objectives;

  • Confirm the 30 day period "Return to Player" paid up statistics.
  • Confirm and verify the monthly impartial vetting of all the games offered in the casino.
  • Verify and maintaining consistent obligations to avail impartial games by the client casinos.

Moreover CFG performs additional quality assurance measures, such as:

  • Confirmation of the use of the gambling hall's arbitrary digit system.
  • Verification of the upcoming gambling halls games before their initiated.
  • Independent vetting of the participants, gambling halls and software creators.

Key components

One of the key components of CFG is fair play. CFG are confident enough to say that they offer exclusive services within their area of jurisdiction. CFG ensures that they comply with the code of ethics by conducting periodic checks on all the games available online.

It is normal practice for all players to seek fairness as they play irrespective of the result. This increased urge for fairness has elevated CFG to top echelons. CFG have well vast knowledge and offer excellent advice in areas appertaining to probability and chance and also thorough testing of all the games veracity.

CFG guarantees the participants, the online casinos and even software builders that the games will be periodically vetted, comprehensively scrutinized and pass the tests of integrity.

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