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Black jack is a card game that gives the dealer an edge. This can be evident from a point of view that your winning depends on your ability to avoid busting as the dealer busts. This does not mean that it is impossible to win as numerous people have achieved wins at the 21 tables.

This has led to increased number of professionals in the game that have outweighed the number of people willing to the learn game. This implies that there are as many people to teach new learners. In order to excel in the game then there are some tips that one can follow.

How to win successfully

  1. Locate a table with a lower end that does not exceed 5% of your comprehensive placings. When selecting the table put in to account the rules deviations that will aid the player by offering choices of making a double placing of two cards or a situation where the dealer has to play around the soft 17. The rules may seem technical but they will definitely offer you some mileage.
  2. It is important to have a humble beginning in the game. The game dictates that the dealer has to make the first move which involves hitting on 16 or below and this in turn should be a guideline as one cannot make a win with anything below 17. In case the dealer shows A, Q, K, J, 8, 9 or even 10 cards then play below 17. For a situation where the dealer displays a 4, 6, or even 5 it is advisable to hit on anything above 11. The dealer will be left with no choice but to attempt to bust above 40% in most cases.
  3. In situations when you feel quietly confident of victory then you can double down. Doubling down entails multiplying your bet twice and in turn one shall be given an extra card. The player is at a higher position than the dealer due to the fact that if he doubles with ten versus a nine or lower and with anything above 10. The regulations governing doubling with 9, or with the hands that view an ace as 11 of 13-17 versus 6, 5 or 4.
  4. For cards with similar value one has an option of splitting them, multiplying ones bet two fold and then playing two hands. It is advisable to never separate tens or fives but to it is advisable to separate eights or sevens versus the dealer's cards of similar or less value. It is important to always separate two's or three's versus a four, five or six. The aces should always be separated but face cards like tens or fives should never be separated.
  5. To avoid getting unionized or to get little wages it is advisable to tip the dealer. A dollar chip on every recurring twenty is a good enough tip but can only be offered in situations where one is loosing. To ensure that your tip is well received by the dealer place it in the betting circle and gradually turning it to aside with our hand. In case one wins the tip he offers the dealer should be doubled.

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